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Doing Good
Is Good For Business.

With DailyDonor, you'll drive sales for your business while maximizing your social impact, fundraising for local causes. It's a simple way to do some good—and spread the love.


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With Every Purchase
You Give.

Using the DailyDonor app, customers can earn money for causes that are important to them while your business drives sales and builds loyal customers. It's a grassroots way for businesses of all sizes to support their communities.

See How It Works

Supporting A Cause Has Never Been Easier.


Connect with socially responsible businesses to take advantage of a great deal, special offer or just use your daily spending to help a cause. It's a win-win for everyone.


Forget planning, budgeting and recovering from endless fundraising events. DailyDonor takes the hassle out of fundraising, by integrating donations into daily spending.


Becoming a DailyDonor Sponsor means that you’re helping your community while also driving your business. Plus, it doesn’t cost you a dime until your customers spend.

Daily Donor. It's a simple way to do some good—and spread the love.