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Sponsor Businesses:

Be Known for Supporting Your Community.

Align with important causes, create community solidarity & get social exposure

Becoming a DailyDonor sponsor is easy —and it's FREE.


Why Become a Sponsor?

By becoming a DailyDonor sponsor, you'll be known for the good you do. Whether you choose to sell online or in-store, getting set up with DailyDonor is easy and can be done anywhere you have a location. Once you're set up, your company easily controls what they choose to sponsor. A streamlined, robust platform makes managing all your charitable activities simple.

As a DailyDonor sponsor, you'll:

  • Align with important causes, create community solidarity & get social exposure
  • Connect with your customers, localize your offers & sponsor events
  • Get online retail referrals, benefit from direct marketing & special interest fundraising

The best part is:
Becoming a DailyDonor sponsor is FREE.


How do we get started?

Fill out our BUSINESS INQUIRY FORM and tell us a little about who you are and what you'd like to do.

Or contact us by phone at (800) 818-1347 or email at

Does DailyDonor have a “one-size fits all” program for businesses?

No. We'll put together a customized sponsorship package that specifically fits your company's goals.

How soon can we start using DailyDonor?

DailyDonor is currently rolling out to limited regions as we gain critical mass in those neighborhoods. We're looking for businesses, causes, and other regional sponsors to express their interest in supporting their local communities with DailyDonor.

What happens after we receive a customized sponsorship package?

We'll set up a meeting to take your key people through your customized package. We'll let you know what to expect once DailyDonor comes to your community. When it does, we'll set it you up on our side, help you get your side set up, then test everything before launching. If you need any post-launch support or training, we're here for you, too.


Get a Reputation for Doing Good

Partnering with Daily Donor offers businesses opportunities that can't be found elsewhere.

To learn more, just fill out this form and one of our representatives will be in touch.

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